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This guide covers Laurent Clerc's writings, Helen Keller's quotations, slavery, the Nobel Prize, the Gallaudet Family, the Holocaust, and the Civil War.
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Many countries have little or no information available on their deaf people, deaf culture, or sign languages. Following is a list of sources for the items in the index as well as other methods of finding information about deaf people in other countries. After that list is an index to known sources of deaf information for some countries.


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  • Also do searches in the Keyword part of the online WRLC book catalog, deaf and "country name" (for example, deaf and "south africa" )
  • The Deaf Subject File in the Gallaudet University Archives may also have some information, although if a country does not appear in books or in the following list, there is probably little or no solid information in the Deaf Subject File too.
  • The Gallaudet University Index to Deaf Periodicals ( can also help you find articles in selected deaf magazines about the deaf in various countries. Use a Keyword...Subject search and enter the name of the country you want.


Africa (French-speaking)also see Burundi

  • Titus, Marius Rock. "Better education for deaf people in French-speaking Africa", in DW, p.800-803.

Africa (Sub-Saharan)

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Austriasee also German-speaking countries

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Canada (Quebec)

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China (People's Republic)also see Hong KongTaiwan

  • "China", in EDHD.
  • "China, People's Republic of" in EDHD2 p.47.
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China (Republic of)see Taiwan

Colombia: Providence Island

  • Woodward, James. "Sign languages--Providence Island", in GE, vol.3, p.103-104.

Czech Republicsee also Czechoslovakia

  • Olson, Jack. "Prague, the Czech Republic", in DCWP, p.26-37.
  • Smutná, Milada. "Historical development of the education of deaf people with hearing disabilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia", in GPEDSC, p.47-57.

Czechoslovakiasee also Czech Republic and Slovakia

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Dominican Republic

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  • El Bakary, Waguida. "The education of the hearing impaired in Egypt", in GPEDSC, p.69-79.

El Salvador

  • King, Jess Freeman. "Education of the deaf in El Salvador", in GPEDSC, p.81-86.

Englandsee Great Britain


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German-speaking countriesalso see AustriaGermanySwitzerland

  • List, Guenther. "The oralistic tradition and written history: deaf people in German-speaking countries", in DW, p.220-225.


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Great Britainalso see Northern Ireland under Ireland

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Hollandsee Netherlands

Hong Kongalso see China (People's Republic)

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Mexico (Yucatan Maya)

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New Zealand

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Providence Islandsee Colombia: Providence Island

Puerto Rico

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Quebecsee Canada (Quebec)


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Saudi Arabia

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Scotlandsee Great Britain

Slovakiasee also Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia

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Solomon Island (Rennell Island)

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South Africa

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Switzerlandsee also German-speaking countries

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Taiwan (Republic of China)also see China (People's Republic)

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Walessee Great Britain


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Prepared by Tom Harrington
Reference and Instruction Librarian
May, 2004


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